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FOOD TREASURES - Unravel the flavor of your exquisite find and drench your taste buds

FOOD TREASURES - Unravel the flavor of your exquisite find and drench your taste buds

Date: 11-12-2017


By: Halah El Mgharbi


Eating is arguably one of the most social activities one can do aside from its biological necessity. Regardless of age, background, race or social status, it innately throughout time has been known to bring us all together. A derivative to groups acquainting, bonding and celebrating; always at most times has an element of food involved. Whether it is traditional occasions or related to events such as birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, etc.. There is always an element of food involved. Not to mention, whilst in your sought after adventurous travels, you have the perks of tasting world cuisines at your fingertips. I have handpicked two of my favorite cities, to inspire you along the way. Enjoy…. <3


It is only fair to base my recommendations on restaurants I have actually visited and have come to adore.

Cheap Eats- Ravi


I spontaneously discovered this Pakistani authentic restaurant. It was discovered by mere coincidence by a friend of mine who asked me to try it out. I was told “Halah, stop going to all those fancy restaurants in Dubai and try something more authentic and different” and so I did. I’m glad I had. There are so many treasures to discover in places you sometimes least expects. In my case, a restaurant in Satwa, whereby even Pakistani nationals would be found flocked up to eat at the infamous Ravi. As the saying goes, “you always know a restaurant is good, when it is full of locals”. All this whilst being exceptionally good value for money. The type of place to go to eat casually dressed. Not the best place to be dressed, with your latest suit on. So do go there comfy and relaxed. A word of caution, if you have a “western” palette like myself, ask the waiter to make the order less spicy!

Overall, a big, big thumbs up!


Treat Yourself-  Toko, Downtown


Nestled within Downtown Boulevard within Vida Hotel, you will find the eye catching Toko. This modern informal Japanese gastro-pub-feel restaurant includes a garden terrace, lounge booths, a bar to quench your thirst with one of their infamous creative and delightful mocktails. This is one spot I cannot help to visit time and time again!

Who can blame me? Toko is based in a prime location, within the heart of Dubai. A blissful, relaxed, friendly laid-back kind of atmosphere, with food quality never compromised. I suggest it to be a perfect spot for a warm get together with friends.The restaurant also encompasses the upmost idyllic space for those spirit connoisseurs and foodies alike. Come and taste the ever so delightful mouth-watering Chinese and Japanese street food. Not only is this restaurant backed by my countless visits with a big thumbs up but also spearheaded by the dining and entertainment group leaders behind the likes of Novikov, Sass Café, Cipriani Dubai.



London, is a city that is very close to my heart. Blessed to behold an unlimited stream of fond memories. This was a tough call for me to nail it to just to two restaurants but here I share with you some of my delightful experiences.

Cheap Eats- My Old Dutch


If you are hungry and want something tasty and fulfilling on a budget, do check out My Old Dutch. This restaurant is based in several key locations in London such as Kensington, Holborn and Chelsea.  A perfect spot, to go to after a busy day shopping in London. My Old Dutch offers savory and sweet options, with its warm and friendly atmosphere perfect for a catch up with friends. The traditional Dutch starters and desserts are to die for.


Treat Yourself-  Sushi Samba


The sought after Sushi Samba in the heart of the city, oozes out with exclusivity and the mingling scene of the rich and famous. Should you wish to pay Sushi Samba a visit, make sure to book days and weeks in advance, as you may experience the ever so frequently heard “fully booked”. A restaurant that not only as the name suggests serves exquisite Sushi but match this up with succulent Brazilian-Peruvian dishes and flavors.

The journey begins the moment you enter the panoramic glass elevators, which really gives you a thrilling experience by the speed, in which it goes up. Whilst also enjoying the panoramic views. Once on the 39th floor enjoy the scenic 360 degree views of the city, whereby you can point out most of the iconic destinations. Relish the use of their highest outdoor terrace which marks to say is the highest dining terrace in Europe.

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